Winter Punting

Winter Punting with Scudamore's

Punting in Winter with Scudamore's

We all know that during the Winter the temperatures can drop,  there may be fog or (if we're lucky) we might even get some snow! Whilst we are used to these changes in our every day lives, it does also affect the operation of Cambridge's main tourist attraction: Punting!

To make sure that you stay safe and warm, we occasionally have to suspend our services of both Self Hire punting and/or Chauffeured tours. This could either be in place for the whole day or only for a couple of hours in the morning while we wait for the river/weather conditions to change.

Call our Booking Office on 01223 359750 to check whether we're open for Punting today.

To make sure that we give you as accurate information as possible, we evaluate the conditions every morning and are therefore only able to say for sure on the day itself! Therefore, if you are looking to come punting with us today or for a few days in the future, first we would encourage you to check the weather forecasts and if it looks nice, call our Bookings Office on 01223 359750 to double check whether we are open for the service you would like to experience! 

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Shared Punt Tours

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