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Boat Hire Cambridge

Cambridge Boat Hire

To seek a dream?

Just to pole a boat upstream

To where the green grass is more verdant   

From Farewell Again, Cambridge (Xu Xhimo)

As the pioneers of boat hire in Cambridge, Scudamore's started out with self-drive motor boats and rowboats in 1903, before adding pleasure punts a few years later. Such was the impact of punting on town and gown alike that, by the time the Chinese poet, Xu Xhimo, came to Cambridge in the early 1920s, it was firmly established as the city's favourite outdoor leisure activity. Today, the motor boats are long gone and the rowboats have been replaced by canoes, but punting remains a perennial favourite with both locals and visitors.

For over a century now it's been our pleasure to introduce successive generations of river lovers to the magic of punting - and our occasional privilege to be captured in the poems of distinguished former clientele! As the custodians of traditional punting in Cambridge we're uniquely placed today to offer visitors their first memorable experience of the River Cam. We offer hire craft on two levels of the river, with punts available for the College Backs, and canoes, kayaks and punts available for the Upper River.

Grantchester Punt Hire

Rent a traditional punt for a couple of hours (ideal for first timers) or pack a picnic and while away a whole day with a trip to the village of Grantchester and the meadows.

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