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Bat Safari Punting

Wildlife Trust Bat Safari Punting 2022

Thank you to everyone that participated in the 2022 Bat Safari season. As always, 50% of the ticket proceeds have been donated to the Wildlife Trust. 

See you again in late spring next year.



About the bat safaris

Grab this chance to see our fantastic local bat population as they emerge from hibernation in May and follow their activities until their return to a snug hideout for winter.

The tours are led by knowledgeable Wildlife Trust Bat Experts and they'll make sure you get the most from your experience. The tours are chauffeured and include the use of specialist electronic bat detectors which convert the bats' sonar signals into audible frequencies.

Your guide will outline the characteristics and habitats of bats likely to be encountered on your trip and teach you how to use the detectors. You'll identify exactly which species of bat are flying close to your punt and find out about our amazing local species.

Scudamore's contributes 50% of ticket proceeds to the Wildlife Trust! Since we started running the tours we've given more than £60,000.



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