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Grab this chance to see our fantastic local bat population as they emerge from hibernation in May and follow their activities until their return to a snug hideout for winter.
The tours are led by knowledgeable Wildlife Trust Bat Experts and they'll make sure you get the most from your experience. The tours are chauffeured and include the use of specialist electronic bat detectors which convert bats' sonar signals into audible frequencies.
Your guide will outline characteristics and habitats of bats likely to be encountered on your trip and teach you how to use the detectors. You'll identify exactly which species of bat are flying close to your punt and find out about our amazing local species. Bat punts run weekly from Friday 10th May and every Friday/Saturday evening from June through to September.

Scudamore's contributes 50% of ticket proceeds to the Wildlife Trust! Since we started running the tours we helped fundraise more than £68,000.
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Public Bat Safari Tours
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Public Tours are available every Friday from May until end of September and every Saturday from June until end of September. Please call us on 01223 359 750 or email us at to check availability and book.

Public Tours Prices for the 2024 season:

Row of 2 - £64.00
Row of 3 - £75.00

Have a question?

How long is the tour?

Our bat safaris are on average 90 minutes long. Your tour will finish at the same place you started from.

Where do I need to go for my booking?

The bat safaris depart from our Boatyard Punt Station located at Granta Place, Mill Lane, Cambridge CB2 1RS

Can I move or reschedule my ticket?

Yes, you can reschedule your booking or amend guest numbers can be made up to to 48 hours in advance by calling our Bookings Team on 01223 359 750

What if the weather changes on the day?

All of our tours run as normal unless the river conditions are dangerous and we have to stop operating. As standard, we provide umbrellas and blankets on our boats.

How many people can each boat hold?

Our punts hold up to 12 passengers, but 1 seat is taken by the Bat Safari guide.

What is a concession?

We offer preferential rates for groups such as students, seniors and much more. You can see the full list here

What time of the year is best to book?

You wouldn't be disappointed and every tour from the first to the last is incredible, but below you can find some highlights of the Bat Safari season.

May into June is a great time to be out on a river Cam bat punt: freshly emerging from hibernation bats will be hungry, avidly hunting insects over the water. The females will be pregnant and in a race against time before giving birth, desperate to get out as much as they can. This can prove the most beguiling month, despite comparative chilliness, darker evenings mean longer bat viewing times, the riverbanks quieter. Wearing warm clothes, huddling under a rug brings an extra layer of atmospheric charm.

Late July/early August By this time mothers will have their pups and seeing them in tandem flight is an exhilarating experience. Once pups are born it doesn’t let up for the mums; they need to provide milk for the growing pup. It's not just bats that are on show: the grey heron colony will make its presence felt as the punts pass beneath. Tawny owl chicks can be very vocal, begging their parents for food – a lucky safari punter may get to see these bundles of feathers by torchlight.

Into September Mellow golden light by eve on the river, as harvest suns yield to harvest moons. Bats will still be feeding in abundance, insects will be plentiful and the ambience will be beautifully balmy.

More information for the Bat Tours can be found on Wildlife's Trust website here.

Any other questions?

If you have any other queries or special requests please do get in touch.
Phone: 01223 359750

Email or Call Us: 01223 359750