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How rich the wave in front, imprest
With evening twilight’s summer hues,
While facing thus the crimson west
The boat her silent course pursues!

From Lines Written When Sailing in a Boat at Evening (William Wordsworth)

Enjoy the idyllic village of Grantchester and its tea room, pubs and rural views. One-way and return punt tours to Grantchester take approximately 1 hour 30 minutes and 4 hours 30 minutes respectively. Return punting trips include a 1 hour 30 minutes break, allowing you ample time for a culinary treat.

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One-way, private chauffeured punt to Grantchester. To book and enquire more information, please contact the bookings office on 01223 359 750 or at


- Sheep's Green
- Paradise Nature Reserve
- Grantchester Meadows
- Grantchester Village
- Grantchester Tea Orchard Gardens


- A boat of up to 4 people: £284 weekday / £323 weekend
- A boat of up to 6 people: £362 weekday / £411 weekend
- A boat of up to 9 people: £376 weekday / £427 weekend
- A boat of up to 12 people: £404 weekday / £459 weekend

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What if I have a group of more than 12 people?

If you're looking to book for more than 12 people please call our Bookings Team directly on 01223 359750.

What is the start and endpoint of the trip?

The one-way trip can either start from Cambridge and finish at Grantchester or the other way around. The return trip starts from and finishes in Cambridge.
The Grantchester drop-off/pick-up point is situated between the Red Lion pub and the Orchard Tea Rooms.

What if the weather changes on the day?

All of our tours are going as normal unless the river conditions are dangerous and we have to stop operating. We provide blankets and umbrellas on all of our tours.

Can I move or make changes to my booking?

Any changes to a booking can be made up to 48 hours in advance. If you have any queries regarding your booking please get in touch with our Bookings Team directly at 01223 359750.

How many people can each boat hold?

Chauffeured Tour boats can hold up to 12 passengers each.

Any other questions?

Phone: 01223 359750



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