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Cambridge Guides

Free Cambridge Guides

Cambridge is a city with something to see and do in every season. As the oldest punting company in the United Kingdom and with a history firmly rooted in Cambridge, we’ve designed these free guides to complement your day as you explore our legendary city. Each guide is packed full of relevant information to ensure that you don’t miss anything. Download our selection of free Cambridge Guides and let them lead you around our inspiring city. Of course we’d love to see you for a spot of punting so please feel free to give us a call on 01223 359750 to arrange your visit. 

How to Punt Guide

Hire a punt and bring along our How to Punt Guide for the best punting tips in town. You'll soon master the art of punting - the Cambridge way!

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College Backs History

Armed with our College Backs guide you can impress your friends with a professional and historically accurate tour as you punt them along in style.

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College Backs Guide

Use our College Backs guide to add to your local knowledge, find the best spots to loiter, choose the easiest route and make the most of your adventures on the Backs.

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History of Punting

Just what is punting? Where does it come from? How are Scudamore's a part of punting's long and interesting history? View our guide for the perfect introduction.

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