Punting and Walking at Christmas

Punting and Walking at Christmas

Celebrate this Christmas in Cambridge - 2017

The arrival of winter to Cambridge is like your daily advent calendar; each day will bring something different and you will never know what is coming the next day. This year so far we’ve had bright blue skies coupled with arctic temperatures which make the University Colleges shine in the sunlight, a child’s dream day of heavy snow which carpeted the city in the elusive and beautiful white powder and icy, frosty mornings that make it hard to get out of bed.

Despite all this, there is one thing that you will be able to predict; Scudamore’s Punting Company are teaming up Visit Cambridge to offer punting and walking tours this holiday season. The tours are available to book in advance for 11:30am each Saturday, from 16th December through to 06th January 2018 and will last 2 hours. The professional and knowledgeable walking guides will show you around the city centre, giving you a history of some of the buildings you’ll pass along the way.

After the walking tour, the guides will drop you off at the Anchor pub where a steaming cup of Hot Chocolate will be waiting for you (included in the price of the ticket!) to warm you up. From here you will hop on to the punt equipped with Blankets, Umbrellas and Hot Water Bottles to be whisked along the College Backs in style, passing eight University Colleges and nine bridges as you go.

The University College Backs provide an abundance of stunning scenes throughout the months, but at this time of the year they become their own winter wonderland. Frosty lawns, gothic buildings covered in snow and hauntingly still scenes of the river are all part of the presents that the season brings. What better way to see these sights than wrapped up under a blanket, curled around a hot water bottle and sitting back, letting someone else do the hard work?

Punting and Walking at Christmas

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Dec 12, 2017

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