Bat Safari Punting

Bat Safari Punt Tours

Wildlife Trust Bat Safari Punt Tours

Bat safari trips towards Grantchester Meadows will run throughout 2014 in partnership with the Wildlife Trust. The tours are led by a Wildlife Trust expert and include the use of specialist electronic bat detectors. Your guide will outline the notable characteristics and habitats of bats likely to be encountered on your trip and teach you how to use the detectors.

The hand-held detectors convert the bats' sonar signals into audible frequencies. Different species of bats operate at different frequencies and the ear can be trained to recognise specific calls. With the help of your expert, you will be able identify exactly which species of bat are flying close to your punt.


Tour Day Departure Time Tour Day Departure Time
16/05/14 20:30 02/08/14 20:30
23/05/14 20:45 08/08/14 20:15
30/05/14 21:00 09/08/14 20:15
06/06/14 21:00 15/08/14 20:00
13/06/14 21:00 16/08/14 20:00
20/06/14 21:00 22/08/14 19:45
27/06/14 21:00 23/08/14 19:45
04/07/14 21:00 29/08/14 19:30
11/07/14 21:00 30/08/14 19:30
18/07/14 21:00 05/09/14 19:15
25/07/14 20:45 12/09/14 19:00
26/07/14 20:45 19/09/14 18:45
01/08/14 20:30    

Our unique tours depart just before dusk. Public tours are scheduled to run from our Granta Place Boatyard each Friday night from 16th May to 19th September. We will also be running special public Bat Safari tours each Saturday during Summer Holidays, from the 26th July till the 30th August 2014.

Private Bat Safari bookings can also be made on request. Please contact our Bookings Team with enquiries or booking requests on 01223 359750.

Bat Safari Punting

90 mins

Feel good factor included - a whopping 50% of proceeds go to the Wildlife Trust.

Type Price* Quantity
Adult £17.50
Child (under 16) £8.75
Concession £16.00

Additional Information

Your chauffeur will wear seasonal uniform that is best suited to the day's weather. Our punts can seat up to 12 people and are dressed with cushions and blankets for your comfort. Punts are equipped with extra blankets as well as umbrellas in case the weather changes.

Bat Safari Tours can be taken from our Granta Place Boatyard in the direction of Grantchester. Your tour will include the use of specialist bat detectors. Online bookings should be made 48 hours in advance. For last minute bookings please contact our Bookings Team on 01223 359750.

Season Tickets

Season Tickets

Punt as often as every day between 1st March and 30th September without breaking the bank.

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